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Sharing the uncompromised Gospel to equip believers and create transformation that will take them to the next level in life.

Tiffani Davis

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Tiffani Davis

Tiffani has a passion for empowering people. She does so with Biblical principles and effective strategies that enables people to live purposeful lives and create personal and professional relationships that are healthy and mutually beneficial.

With 20 + years of professional experience serving people as a licensed minister,

sociologist, counselor, and life coach, she has a keen understanding of the influence of society on people and the challenges they face. She also understands the spiritual influences often working to thwart the purpose and plan God has for us. 

Tiffani's an international speaker who talks to her audience about finding hope when all hope is lost and realizing their greatness by understanding their position in the Kingdom of God. She's also the Amazon best-selling author of Driven to Find Peace, Purpose, and Power, a 21-day devotional that will help you learn to be your best self by applying Biblical truths and Change Is Coming- Faith to Face the Inevitable a faith-building book to help people navigate stressful changes in life.    

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To Find Peace, Purpose, & Power

Driven is a devotion book that will encourage and equip you with spiritual insight to navigate life’s many challenges and provoke you to be your best self. 

Amazon Best-Sellers 

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 Change Is Coming

Faith To Face The Inevitable

Packed with faith-building stories, strategies, and Tiffani's testimony about change, this book will help you face challenges with faith to move to the next level spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.


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