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Meet Tiffani 

Tiffani has a passion for sharing the Word of God and making sure the true Gospel is preached. She recognizes we are living in a time of great deception and people are believing a lie for the truth. When she preaches she doesn't hold back, she tickles no ears, and doesn't look for man to cheer. She knows the responsibility she has to minister the message God gives her to shine light in the dark places. Tiffani's mission is to preach Truth, set believers free from bondage, help believers develop a Kingdom mindset, and not be deceived by false teachings.


Leveling Up By Choice, LLC

LBC is the name of the Christian life coaching service Tiffani successfully owns and operates. However, after a Word from God that expressed "an urgency of the times" she spent the last year focusing on preaching the Gospel and writing books.  Tiffani is an anointed watchman who is dedicating her time sounding the alarm and trying to wake believers up to discern the time we are living in and the great deception poisonings the land. As a result, she is only accepting a limited number of coaching clients. 

Education, Training, & Experience

Tiffani Davis


Tiffani Davis, M.A., M.A.C.P


While Tiffani is thankful for her educational opportunities and professional experience, she recognizes aside from God she can do nothing. She remains humble and dependent on the Holy Spirit to teach and lead her.


As an international, Tiffani inspires listeners with her story of triumph over relationship trauma and shows them how to amplify their voices and live a life that honors their values and boundaries. Her signature topics include Three Keys To Victory (effective strategies to overcome hurts and limiting beliefs), Driven To Thrive (learn to cut through the clutter of your mind, build your faith, and maximize the power God put in you), and S.H.I.N.E. (five steps to being your best self so you can live your best life). 

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