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Has something happened that changed life as you know it? Has this change left you fearful, anxious, angry, or even confused?

Change is inevitable no matter how much we creatures of habit resist it; that’s why we must learn to shift and not be broken when it occurs. Minister, Speaker, Life Coach,

and CEO of LevelingUp By Choice, LLC, Tiffani Davis, offers insights on successfully navigating changes that disrupt our lives and unravel our carefully constructed


Packed with faith-building stories, strategies, and her testimony about change, this book will help you face challenges with faith to move to the next level spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.

Available 1.6.23 On Amazon

In Change Is Coming, you will learn to ...

  • Recognize the maturing process change can initiate.
  • Let go of the people, places, and things no longer serving you well.
  • View change with the expectation for something better and greater for your life.

It's time to walk fearlessly into tomorrow. Become all God has called you to be and grab hold of everything He has for you!  

Tiffani Davis, Change is Coming
Tiffani Davis, Change Is Coming

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