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Five Tips To Fight Fear 

Tiffani Davis, M.A., M.A.C.P.

A Powerful Emotion

Fear is a powerful emotion that can be debilitating. Fear of making the wrong choice or of the unknown can put your life on hold. It can cause you to find a safe spot in your comfort zone and avoid making major life decisions.

While fear might be an emotion, it can still feel like someone is physically holding on to you and pulling you back, putting a hold on your life and making you feel you're drowning. It doesn't matter who we are or what we have; everyone has fears.

Courageously face your fears by acknowledging them. Suppressing your fears may make you think they disappeared, while in fact, it gives them a chance to return stronger.

In acknowledging your fears, you take a step closer to facing them courageously. Admitting to them helps to remove any shame and, thus, can't go against you.

Remember, bravery is not about removing fear but moving ahead despite being afraid.

Five Steps To Fight Fear:

1.Confront it

Confronting your fear is one of the most powerful weapons to overcome it. It’s like shining light into the darkness. When you understand why you have those fears, it can be easier for you to face them. This can only be done by confronting it. Ignoring fear will not make it go away; it can become a lifetime enemy if you let it.

  • For example, if you’re afraid to start a business you’ve always dreamed of, ask yourself what you are scared of. Is it that you think you won’t be able to do it? Or, that it won’t work?”
  • You may realize your fear is based on trying not to feel down about yourself. However, you can use this to your advantage. No matter the issues you might face starting a business, it’s an experience that can only strengthen you.

2.Say The Right Things

Speak positivity to yourself. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Fear could come from being fed negativity when you’re afraid.

  • Affirm yourself with positive self-talk instead of sinking yourself into negative thoughts. “I am capable of this, even if it’s not perfect” and “It’s okay. If I don’t know enough, I can always learn.”
  • Every expert was once a beginner like you. Your confidence will grow.

4.Redefine Failure

Our culture has made failure sound like such a bad word. But, who has known success without knowing failure? What might look like failure may really be valuable insight learned that will help you as you try again. Failing at doing something is okay. You do not need to get it right the first time or the time after. Robert F. Kennedy famously said, “only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”.

  •  Don’t fear failing. Redefine it as a learning process that will help you get better by making those mistakes
  • Develop a growth mindset and know you can learn through your failures. This will help you build the resilience needed to overcome any future challenges.  

3.Stay Focused

Staying focused on your task is important to practice. It helps you to remain calm and level because you have the process in mind and not the final product (that applies to business, relational, and personal goals). Remaining focused can also help you maintain your composure and reduce anxiety.

  • Being afraid can distract you from what is happening at the moment and make you worry about what might happen. These are the thoughts that make us anxious.
  •  You can learn to identify these thoughts, keep them under control, and not let them take control over you.

5.Just Do it

If you allow yourself to be controlled by your emotions, you might find yourself in a heap of trouble or never enjoying all that life has to offer. You might recognize fear creeping up because your heart rate speeds up, your palms start sweating, your head begins to pound, or many other physical responses occur. No matter, how you feel about doing something, sometimes you will just have to do it scared.

  • Recognize how fear has stopped you from living life and refuse to let it control you any longer.
  •  Don’t underestimate yourself, you are more courageous than you know. Just reading through this article proves that you are willing and able to break the chains of fear. 

You Are An Overcomer!

Don't give up on yourself! It may be difficult to overcome your fears, but it is possible. Overcome your fears by confronting them, using positive self-talk, staying focused, redefining failure, and just doing what you need to! By doing so, you will be able to persevere past your fears and you’ll be glad you did. Believe in yourself and your ability to overcome your fears.

Get the support you need and schedule a free discovery call today. 

Thank you for sharing!

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