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How We Serve You

Tiffani Davis

Helping You Live Your Best Life By...........

Does This Sound Like You?

Feel Weighed Down

Trouble Letting Go

Negative Thoughts 

You have been promised an abundant life that includes unspeakable joy and victory in the trials you face. Despite the promise, the trials

of life can leave you worn out spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Know you are not alone in how you feel and when fighting the battles you face. Tiffani assists people like you to break through

paralyzing thoughts known as limiting beliefs, heal from past pains, and create the life you want to live.

It's not too late to start living your best life now. 

Why Choose Us?



Makes the Difference

ACE Breakthrough 

System Explained

Interview with Best-Selling Author, Co-Founder of  Women's

Prosperity Network, & Entrepreneur, Trish Carr on her Get Real,

Be Real Podcast. 

Key Areas Of Change

There are many changes people can make to their lives to improve their overall well-being. The most effective way to do that is to raise one’s emotional intelligence, break limiting beliefs, and learn to maintain life harmony.

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are thoughts that people accept as the truth for their life and can create barriers to their happiness and success. Those limiting beliefs become glass ceilings and Coach Tiffani is here to help you break that ceiling.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to perceive and manage emotions. In the chaotic world we live in imagine having better control over your emotions so you can respond more appropriately to the stimuli you face. How would this improve your personal and professional relationships? Emotional intelligence has a direct correlation with your success in your relationships and career. A study published in Forbes online edition said EQ accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs and is the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence. 90% of high performers are also high in EQ.

Are you ready to raise your EQ? 

Coaching Packages

Deep Dive Package

The Deep Dive program is composed of 12 sessions for people who are ready to release the past and present baggage that has them feeling spiritually and emotionally weighed down. In this three month/12 session program, guided by the Word of God you will use the ACE breakthrough method to identify your feelings, understand the root of them, and identify how your feelings have shaped your life. 


You will learn to neutralize harmful thoughts and begin to reframe your thinking which will create freedom from past hurts, regrets, and limiting beliefs, whatever is weighing you down. The sessions are designed to help you understand the cause of your distress and get clarity to make crucial decisions to create the life you want using the ACE Breakthrough System. 


Clarity Package

The 6-week coaching package is designed for people who may not be experiencing chronic emotional distress but are still finding it challenging to live their best life. The sessions will identify limiting beliefs that make it difficult to pursue their goals, enjoy life, develop healthy relationships, raise emotional intelligence, and get clarity to make important decisions using the ACE Breakthrough System.


Booster Session

Single sessions are for people who just need a boost to make the decisions they have identified as an important need or direction in achieving a goal they're working on. 


What People Are Saying....

Minister Tiffani is amazing! I had been in a slump for years, feeling like there was more in life for me to do with less and less time to do it in. Since meeting with her, I have been able to identify what my goals are and how to achieve them. And, I know what to do with the unhealthy thoughts that come like the ones I used to have that made me scared to attempt doing something with my life. I feel like the weight that was on me has been lifted. I feel free, excited to get up each day, and ready to deal with the stuff things and people that try to stop me from being who I need to be. God Bless you, Minister Tiffani!

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